Easy (not easy) to read text~ 

@alana_is_tooting Lækæ thæs? Æ thænk thæs æs æ græt idæ! 😁​🤣​

@alana_is_tooting It just occurred to me~ Autumn and I should use Æ in some way! LOL 🤣​

re: Lewd 

re: Lewd Resolution 

I woke up and went to my computer. I was greeted by my Pacman screensaver featuring an unsolvable maze.

re: gendered restroom observations, a little gross (I mean we're talking about toilets what do you expect?) 

re: Lewd 


re: Lewd Request 

re: Lewd Request 

re: Lewd Request 

@alana_is_tooting @jocelynk When we (our body) were in our 20s, people thought we were in our 40s~ 😋​

@alana_is_tooting @jocelynk We aren't entirely sure of what age Autumn is~ The best guess we have is early 20s! Ziel's age isn't known, and undefined is ageless.

I think it's interesting to see the ages of the folks in a system! 😁​

@alana_is_tooting @jocelynk Being plural throws a whole other perspective into this, too! I'm 28, Autumn is ~22, Raven is 32... etc.

@jocelynk Hehehe, just wait until you've been on HRT for a while longer! You age backwards even more than you already have! 🤣​

@jocelynk Our body has been alive for 36 years! I'm only 28 years old though~ 😅​

Do folks consider Black Friday to be a holiday nowadays? I think this is silly! 😁​

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