Easy (not easy) to read text~ 

I woke up and went to my computer. I was greeted by my Pacman screensaver featuring an unsolvable maze.


Do folks consider Black Friday to be a holiday nowadays? I think this is silly! 😁​

I recently got a Galaxy Note10+! I am trying to get used to how large the screen is~ It's totally gigantic! But it's sooooo pretty! 😃​👍​


mh+, profanity 

I just said this out loud:
"Why isn't there coffee that tastes like cereal?"

Erin says,
"I would love a raisin bran coffee~"

Video games, Trails/Kiseki 

I found my copy of Shenmue II for Xbox! I was hoping I still had it~ I love watching Shenmue the Movie around this time of year! 🥰😄

I guess it's my turn to front for now? It's been a while! 😁​😋​

Transgender, uplifting/support (aimed at folks who are early in their journey) 

We just saw the new fireworks show at EPCOT! It was fun~~ 😁👍 Although it's more or less a farewell to classic EPCOT and that's kind of sad~ 🙁

It's only been two months but it feels like forever since we have been to therapy~ We have too much to talk about! 😅👍

neptune_ebooks has played of the hamburger 

hi if you say you support trans/queer people thats great, but what if they're also nonwhite? or disabled? or sex workers, or migrants, or mentally ill in a way you don't understand? what if they're in prison or selling drugs to survive? or what if, god forbid, they're asking you for money from the sidewalk? do still really think you support us queers or do you support the idea of white affluent lgbts

There's nothing worse than a child on an airplane screaming the whole flight! So much that they eventually start sounding like a demon with a wrecked voice~ 😅

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