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Self-promotion / clearance announcement 

pluralphobia, PSA on how to ACTUALLY include plurals 

Web browsers, Opera is bad 

uspol, birdsite 

Dear idiot outside: if you are going to play your music so loud that everyone within a mile radius can hear it, at least play something good. Otherwise, stfu.

4,000th toot 

Polyam + 

I woke up and went to my computer. I was greeted by my Pacman screensaver featuring an unsolvable maze.

We're putting the fun in fundraising over here! Donate today #WineWednesday and if you were our *most generous donor* then you win a bottle of wine signed by the Wine project devs!

Windows 7 is EOL on January 14th, 2020. This reminds me of back in 2012 when we were still trying to get people off of Windows XP.

Don't let Windows 7 be another Windows XP situation. Use something better.

"Plasma: A Safe Haven for Windows 7 Refugees"

Selfie, ec :boost_ok: 

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