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It's a taco with a broken shell even still a taco

Petscop, YouTube link 

The screen on the Galaxy Note10+ is hilariously large and I love it

Insomnia, Profanity 

Domain block, TERFs 

Video games 

Pedestrians: Don't park your huge truck in the middle of a small driveway in an apartment complex and then step out from behind your huge truck in front of a (slowly) moving car because you didn't bother to look before walking.

How the heck is the driver supposed to know you're there when you're behind a truck as big as a u-haul.

TFW you've lost most of the day so far because of dissociative amnesia

Instance meta, mastoadmin 

Trans question 

Sleep, profanity 

Rant, polyamory 

I gotta say, hearing people talk about the new Pokemon game makes me really wish I were able to pick it up


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