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Transgender, uplifting/support (aimed at folks who are early in their journey) 

New Masto Users: Advice (not rules) about CWs (thread) (1) 

neptune_ebooks tooted about this too 


neptune_ebooks tooted about this too 

neptune_ebooks tooted about this too 

I mean, you can get the library to display if you add these launch parameters,

-no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist

But this is far from ideal

Thanks, Steam, for that new library update. I hate it.

How the hell are we supposed to run the Windows Steam client through Wine now when the damn library doesn't even display at all

Remember back in 2016 when future bass was super popular

Our instance has a 6,000 character limit.

I never though we would ever go over that amount. Maybe we should raise it again.

Now we've got some black metal. This is so eccentric.

Got some hardstyle on our Spotify release radar playlist. Erin was so happy about that.

It feels so good to block a person at the instance level. Saves us from having to block someone with each individual account

I'm a transfemme agender gxrl and proud of it. You don't choose this; I do.



My name is Lane. I'm a queer transfemme (that's right fuck you) enby somewhat-genderfluid masc-leaning something (finding the exact words is a journey in itself, eh?) and the body has been on hrt since August 2019. I'm in a plural system and a headmate of @alana_is_tooting, usually not fronting, but something has happened and I'm (hopefully temporarily) fronting exclusively.

Generally I'm quiet and shy and enjoy buckling down on large technical projects or reading.

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