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I just said this out loud:
"Why isn't there coffee that tastes like cereal?"

Erin says,
"I would love a raisin bran coffee~"

Video games 

I found my copy of Shenmue II for Xbox! I was hoping I still had it~ I love watching Shenmue the Movie around this time of year! πŸ₯°πŸ˜„

neptune_ebooks tooted about this too 

Instance meta/rant? How do I even describe this 

I mean I did the search in a Private Window so it was "private"

Don't judge me

Email subject headline from Mozilla/Firefox:
"Keep that weird thing you searched for private"

I feel called out

Me: Alexa, volume 7.
Alexa: Did that answer your question?
Me: Uh, NO!
Alexa: Thanks for your feedback.


the band name Imagine Dragons is actually a burn on dragons for not being real. just say it while rolling your eyes

I want to see more non-binary defense coming from cis friends. Please speak the fuck out, please defend us, please speak up when being made fun of in the media is the norm. I’m tired of being othered and afraid to show my identity. I want us to share a word. Cis man, cis woman, if you are a true ally, please speak up

I guess there is one Kmart still open in St Pete. It's closing in January.

I'm surprised there was still one around. Partner wants to go and see it before it closes. But I hate Kmarts because they're so depressing

There's a Petscop parody series called Sheriff Domestic. I kind of love it so far.

Music stuff 


Being non-binary doesn’t mean looking androgynous!

Non-binary people who don’t look androgynous are just as valid as those who don’t!


Okay, so, hypothetically! If I were to write a spellcaster bot, what would you like it to say?
Daily life help, special event preps, specific words, phrases, deities, moon phases, etc.

Please boost so more #magic #wicca #pagan and #witchcraft peeps see it!


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