CW your politics. Not doing it because you can't avoid it yourself is a dick move. I'm all for not letting people bury their heads in the sand but ignoring cw's for any reason is shitty and unproductive

@BunnyHearted As a domme, I'd have to have an account on there if such an instance existed

yelling about hillary clinton's transphobia 

re: hrt, mh (--) 

The past two months have been life-changing. Up until then, we've considered 2019 to be a pretty bad year.

I feel like my life has been completely turned around. I'm learning to love myself. I feel like we've finally begun to heal. It's only the beginning, but I feel like we are finally on our way there.

We wouldn't have been able to get here if it wasn't for my bunny, my kitty, and my dove. I love them all so much, and I feel like they complete me.

For once, I feel happy to be alive.

Random memory from ~1998:
"Hotmail? Is that a dating site or something?"

Manjaro, FOSS, birdsite, browser discourse 

I've been away from Fedi for over a day. I hope you're all doing well. <3

@alana_is_tooting Yay! Congratulations. I've only been here since August, and I hope to still be here another two years from now.

I also want to say that I am thankful that we met on here. <3

@jocelynk Hahaha, ohhh fb. I managed to get away from fb completely back in like February. Now whenever I look at it, I'm like "this place needs CWs like yesterday"

re: sex 

Falling in love... is one of the most beautiful, powerful things in the world. Especially when you didn't think you would or could again. <3 Life is beautiful, and so are those in it with you in the closest ways. ^_^

@HBS_System Oh, we relate to this so much. We are also unable to function in society, so we're just kind of existing here...

@HBS_System We totally don't blame you for that. We would love to move out of the country, too, just to get away from this place. It will probably never happen for us, though.

@HBS_System We were living in central Florida off and on in the 90s and early 2000s (mostly Tampa) and then we moved to Orlando in the mid-2000s until we moved up north in 2010. And now we're back in Tampa. Probably won't be leaving ever again.

@HBS_System We've been here, off and on, for the greater part of our life. We had moved away in 2010 and then moved back from Wisconsin last year.

The weather here in Florida has been so lovely lately. It actually feels like autumn outside. It's not been too hot outside at all and I love it

@sam This actually sounds like an amazing start to an epic sci-fi TV series

@sam This sounds like a fun idea, but there's no way to tell if you'll wake up in an abandoned space station amongst the debris of what used to be the planet Earth.

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