The weather here in Florida has been so lovely lately. It actually feels like autumn outside. It's not been too hot outside at all and I love it

@HBS_System We've been here, off and on, for the greater part of our life. We had moved away in 2010 and then moved back from Wisconsin last year.

@autumn {We were born here in Jacksonville. In uh.. 2002. We moved away for a few years, lived in Virginia then Japan.. And we moved back to Florida at around 9. We're 17 now.}

@HBS_System We were living in central Florida off and on in the 90s and early 2000s (mostly Tampa) and then we moved to Orlando in the mid-2000s until we moved up north in 2010. And now we're back in Tampa. Probably won't be leaving ever again.

@autumn {We've been considering.. No.. Planning to move out of the US as soon as we possibly can, if ever.
Kind of have a lot of bad experiences in America.}

@HBS_System We totally don't blame you for that. We would love to move out of the country, too, just to get away from this place. It will probably never happen for us, though.

@autumn {Same, especially with all of the lack of ability to properly function as a working member of society.. We may be stuck here for the rest of our lives.}

@HBS_System Oh, we relate to this so much. We are also unable to function in society, so we're just kind of existing here...

@autumn {We can't even work or pursue education. We're highschool dropouts. Haha.}

@autumn LOL, not feeling that at all here in Michigan. xD Snow has come and the roads are covered in snow and slush.

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