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People with blank profiles and zero toots trying to follow me despite my profile saying that I'll decline their follow request

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Rant about shitposting, long 

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Jan 2019 Autumn: I'm going to be a Twitch streamer and maybe people will like me
Jan 2020 Autumn: I'm going to learn Python and Japanese and try to visit people that I love

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#introduction #introductions

Hey. My name is Autumn. I'm an entity of some sort; trans/genderfluid/demigirl/gxrl or something (I don't even know sometimes). My pronouns are they/them/theirs.

I'm a dork. I enjoy making up new lyrics to songs on the radio (and forever ruining the songs for everyone else). I have a very dry sense of humor and I like bad jokes. I suppose I should water that.

I'm an empath. You could say that it's one of my greatest strengths. I enjoy supporting others when I can. I always want people to know that they're not alone.

I do crappy art and I'm also a writer, neither of which I have ever shared with anyone because I am self-conscious about my work, so it's a secret to everybody. Maybe I should have redacted this from my intro

I am a web designer and I enjoy it most when I am inspired

I am really bad about talking about myself so here's what some people have said about me:

"winter, spring, summer, and fall; there is no autumn" -unknown/can't remember

"you aren't stupid, you are a friend" -ex-friend

"you look like you're 25 or so" -liquor store cashier

"you're the second prettiest trans woman that I know" -Zoey (ex-girlfriend)

"i'd would totally hire you as the lead vocalist for my band" -Mara (friend)

Aside from all of this blathering, I am mentally ill. Specifically PTSD, BPD, and DID. I am an open book about this because there needs to be less stigma surrounding mental illnesses. I like to try to help others understand that we are people too and the stereotypes about us are often offensive and just wrong. People need to judge us as individuals, not as stereotypes of our illnesses.

If you've gotten this far, I want to say thank you for reading this. I hope we can become friends. :)


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I've been practicing social distancing all my life. Now that it's become mainstream and more people are practicing, feel free to hit me up if you want some social distancing tips/tricks


Why in the world would anyone think that Corona beer would have anything to do with the coronavirus

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Still getting toots flowing in from a few days ago... I wish there was a way to get the server to sort these chronologically

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My instance is back online. Missing pretty much everything from the past few days...

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some people on the fedi havent gotten the memo that shaming people for whatever random harmless thing you specifically dont like about a person is destructive

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